Nudist Clear Case for iPhone XS Max Review

Nudist Clear Case for iPhone XS Max Review

iPhone XS Max stood tall as the flagbearer of Apple’s modern-day phones or especially the latest X iterations debuting in 2018; what made it so is a big size and of course the big screen as well. Apple’s counterparts were long in the big screen and OLED display kinda thing but this $1 billion-valued company took some time to make sure they come up with something good enough to leave the jaw-dropping impressions on the techies out there.
The bigger size turned out to be a ‘pro’ and ‘con’ for the Apple-fans at the same time as those who were into watching movies and gaming stuff loved it to the fullest, whereas the clan who go up with the thought ‘size doesn’t matter’ find it gripping it right even with both their hands-on.
The case or cover is something must-have when you get this big-guy in your hand as the repairing cost can give you some serious headache. SO here’s got a case review for you below:
Nudist Clear Case for iPhone XS Max Review

Is it your cup of tea?
Not hiding this beast makes quite much sense but in case dropping it from a certain height and paying bigtime in the name of repairing cost doesn’t make any sense. So, this case is there to rescue you out of all this perplexing situation as it covers you but let you flaunt around everything you actually need to; all thanks to the clear case option.
What’s more to this product is it just cost you a bit but still pampers you with enough protection that’s required earnest to maintain the good health of your phone. This flexible covers snugly hug your iPhone XS Max from the top to bottom rightly but that doesn’t hinder if you are eyeing to flaunt the sexy-back of your phone or the ever-green Apple logo on the back.

If adding extra weight in the sake of protection is something wrecking things for you, this case is made for you a sit’s quite lightweight; plus being clear in first glance it seems nothing is actually up covering your phone. Moreover, if you ain’t shy in flaunting your phone as you have spent some seriously big money to get hands on it; this case serves the purpose rightly for you without putting protection on the stake.

This case is flexible that means it can easily bear all the wear and tear out of your hectic life. The tactile click response makes it comfortable using the side buttons or even better as said by the makers themselves.

Damage on Pocket

Colour Options
Clear, Chefs Special, Flavor of the Month

What it is made up of?

Value for Money (VFM)
It doesn’t offer the compact protection for your phone and the same goes in the price corner regarding it, which is quite nominal as it is $11.99