Lifeproof Slam for iPhone XS Max Review

Lifeproof Slam for iPhone XS Max Review

The beast iPhone XS Max has been the talk of the town right from the go and what made it grab that much limelight was the tag ‘priciest iPhone ever’ and of course the biggest as well. The two extremes have been fighting it all with the only question ‘do big size matter?’, and as like many other mysteries, it has proudly remained unsolved. But the thing which might annoy some of the techies out there is iPhone XS Max isn’t only about the size; it has much more to on offer whether it’s about the speed, camera or the durability of this phone.
Talking about the durability, this phone is step-ahead from other counterparts when it comes to the water-resistant abilities as it has got an IP68 rating. Apart from that, there is nothing much in name of durability as the protective case is your first and last weapon to deal with dings, scratches and scuffs.
Here is one of the reviews of the cases to make sure you don’t get a blow in name of repairing cost if you drop your phone from a certain height.

Is it your cup of tea?
The urban life is prone to sudden happenings as you can’t know what’s gonna happen around the next hour so you need to be up with protection; whether it’s about you or your pricey phone both need to be guarded in the best way possible. We’ve got your phone pampered with the Lifeproof Slam case that even withstands the drop from around 2 meters. And what’s not so ordinary about this case is unlike many other cases in the market it is quite lightweight and not even harms the sleek profile of your iPhone XS Max.
When you need to back up your battery, you don’t actually need to remove this case as you’re forced to do if you own some heavy case plus it’s transparent which let you exhibit all the angles and curves of your phone rightly.

What else can be more trendy or stylish than the iPhone XS Max at the moment; so hiding it way too much is sometimes beyond understanding as it even covers all the lavishness it actually has to offer. This case even cares for your hearing and that’s why it stood up tall for all the audiophiles out there as it leaves the speakers and ports uncovered.
This high-end case is specially designed for the urban life obstacles like it can withstand even the drop on the concrete and remains firm enough apart from bearing the scratch on it.

Damage on Pocket

Colour Options
Sea Glass, Night Flash, Varsity, Coral Sunset

What it is made up of?
Polycarbonate Shell

Value for Money (VFM)
This case may be upon the pricey side but you need to remember that it offers the compact protection for your phone without lagging off in difficult situations.