Grovemade Walnut Case for iPhone

Grovemade Walnut Case for iPhone

Let’s admit the fact, plastic cases are now played out especially when you are holding an iPhone in your hand then why opt for an average plastic cover? Don’t you think your iPhone deserves more than just a plastic case that isn’t even able to protect it from falls and breakage? If you know the value of the money you spent on your phone, and actually puts style on top of his priority list, then you need to stick with us till the end of this article. Today we are here with an iPhone case for you that is extraordinary in terms of style, quality of material and reliability. Yes, you read it right and hereby that case we are referring you to none other than the all-new and innovative Grovemade Walnut Case.

Before moving towards the case and why you should buy it for your iPhone, let’s first tell you a bit about the Grovemade. It is a company based in Portland world recognized for making wooden goods and accessories. At Grovermade, they’ve got a wide range of products like wooden speakers, wooden TV stands, wooden pens, and cups, etc. And well how can we not talk about the walnut case that Grovemade just came up with.

These walnut cases are manufactured in Portland, and the best part is that Grovemade even has a blog where they’ve got a whole video on how they make the walnut case for an iPhone. We must say, it’s one long process that includes a lot of steps, and well, the price with which this case comes with is quite reasonable keeping in view the hectic manufacturing process.

Here are some of the specifications of the Grovemade Walnut Case;

-The material used to make this case is Oregon Claro Walnut

-It is available for all the iPhones from iPhone 5 to iPhone 7 plus

-The estimated weight of this case is 19.8 grams

We must say that Grovemade never fails to impress its customers and every time they come up with a quality product. As far as the walnut case is concerned, well, honestly, it’s a must buy because first of all, the walnut material used is extremely high in quality and it’s strong too. So, in case your iPhone falls or hits someplace, you’ll be carefree because the case will protect your phone. Secondly, the color and the simple design of this case makes it appear more stylish and attractive. Let’s admit the fact, you would prefer buying something more elegant and decent for your iPhone instead of some shiny fancy cover with emojis on it.

Not only the base is what Grovemade focuses on, in fact, but the walnut cover will also help protect the sides and corners of your phone too. Like we said before, this cover is everything you’d want to put on your iPhone, and we are pretty sure of the fact that if you buy this, you won’t regret spending your money because this case will be worthy of each and every single penny you’ll spend on it.