Apple iPhone X Leather Case

Apple iPhone X Leather Case

If the price is an issue for you; there will be like dozens of reasons to not to buy this iPhone stalwart, which is now staying in the limelight for around two years now. Even the latest X iterations couldn’t make it look less futile as it turned out to be the Apple’s first step towards the game-changing; high dimension screens, enhanced battery life and of course the sexy all-glass back for your phone.
Those who have got hands-on iPhone X with making an extravagant purchase won’t be eying to protect it with some of the high-end cases as for sure as it will break their bank. To make sure you don’t get bankrupt, we’ve got a rundown over a case that won’t even raise the question on the protection of your phone.
Apple iPhone X Leather Case Review

Is it your cup of tea?
Being an Apple-fan not only pushes you to grab the latest iPhone but also get it backed with all the relevant accessories. So, for all those techies who are diehard Apple-fan, this iPhone X Leather Case is something to make your day or even a year or two. It’s very much the signature-leather case by Apple that has nothing out-of-the-box or unique to offer but still it gives the premium feel to the loyal customers. The premium leather being the one reason for this case to standout but what makes it even clearer on the board is the iconic Apple logo on the back.
So, with this case placed on your iPhone, you may hide the Apple’s carved logo on the glass-back of your phone but you still get it as it is upon your case. These cases are designed in a way that they snugly fit your phone and don’t ruin it for you without adding extra ounces on it.

If you eyeing for something never-happened before then this case isn’t something to live up to your expectation but if elegance is something that makes you reach on cloud nine this iPhone X case is made for you. This case stands above Apple’s silicone case whether it is about the price tag or the style statement. Talking specifically about this case, it’s backed by the high-end European Leather that gives matchless feelings in comparison with counterpart leather cases in the market.

The tanned leather case is engineered in a way that it withstands the toughest of the conditions; same goes about the long-lasting of this product.

Damage on Pocket

Colour Options
Black, Red, Charcoal Gray, Cosmos Blue, Dark Aubergine, Midnight Blue, Pink Fuchsia, Saddle Brown, Taupe

What it is made up of?
European Leather

Value for Money (VFM)
The $50 might look a bit pricey for this much simple leather case but as it is made by the iPhone maker itself one can’t argue about the price and the credibility it possesses.